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How This Trendy Lifestyle Can Help Business Owners Create Better Workspaces

In a world seemingly ruled by consumption, an alternative lifestyle that promotes the total opposite has emerged. Today, minimalism is no longer just an art movement. It has come to mean streamlining one’s life from unnecessary possessions.

The same mindset can be applied when it comes to the many distractions that workers face these days leading them to turn to declutter their workspaces to better focus. Here’s how entrepreneurs can live by the principles of minimalism to enhance their own productivity and that of their employees.

Living with Distractions

Unsplash | Turn off your phone every once in a while as a form of decluttering

Smartphones have simplified a lot of things for people. However, these handy all-in-one gadgets have also made it more difficult for individuals to truly concentrate on what they’re doing at the moment.

With one’s smartphone constantly buzzing away with notifications, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information or tasks people are dealing with it at the moment. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who often juggle multiple roles and multi-task for their business.

To avoid falling into a cycle of smartphone-induced overstimulation and unproductivity through minimalism, consider limiting the time spent using it.

Optimizing Workspaces

More than digital distractions, an entrepreneur and their team will also have to deal with distractions in the workplace. To solve these issues, some startups have chosen to move their teams to ‘spatially challenged offices.

Unsplash | Traditional cubicles are being replaced by open space office plans

In relation to this practice of minimalism in the office, furniture companies like Autonomous have provided ways for other companies to turn their workspaces’ into a more streamlined one.

Some of their well-known products are ergonomic office chairs and automated standing desks, both of which allow workers to relax in a decluttered work environment.

These modern pieces are a contrast from the cramped offices of past decades, which reportedly stifled collaboration in the workplace. As some experts say, all one needs to work is an Internet connection, a laptop, and a thriving environment.

Proven Payoffs

Unsplash | Digital nomads who practice minimalism tend to be happier compared to their office worker counterparts

Turning towards a more minimalistic and decluttered office has immediate positive results. As past studies have found, working in a disorganized space limited one’s creativity and increased feelings of anxiety and stress.

People tend to subconsciously focus on multiple stimuli at any given time and being in a cluttered and chaotic environment only drains the brain faster. This said entrepreneurs are advised to consider making necessary changes to practice minimalism’s decluttering mindset in their own offices.

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