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Your Company’s Success Could Go Through The Roof With These Proven Workplace Productivity Hacks

Productivity is one of the most discussed concepts when it comes to work and business. Workers and business owners are both constantly on the lookout for ways to master it for personal and professional betterment. Here are some tried and tested tips from leading tech entrepreneurs to hack productivity as an individual and as an entire workplace.

Limit Meetings

Rhythm Systems | Consider cutting down the number of all hands on deck meetings

For Asana CEO Dustin Moskovitz, it’s important to have one day without meetings. He’s even implemented a ‘No Meeting Wednesdays’ practice in his company. This, according to Moskovitz, allows members of his team to have long uninterrupted blocks of time for them to focus on work. What more, his staff constantly reflects on the payoffs of this technique to see whether the results added solo work hours are justified. In the end, Moskovitz shares that they’ve cut down their meetings by half.

He is also a believer that accomplishing things requires deep thinking. Thus, he makes sure to always have an hour to three hours of free time on his personal calendar, which he carefully plans out by avoiding unnecessary engagements and scheduling meetings ahead of time.

Using Efficient Platforms

Kim Komando | Find a good system or platform for taking note of tasks

Meanwhile, Pipedrive’s Jeff Paradise says that he keeps two lists of tasks on hand: a professional and a personal one. Doing so helps him with overlooking the work of a team of over 150 employees and gives him a clear look at what needs to be accomplished on a daily and weekly basis.

The tool is what allows him to stay as organized as possible while also getting to solve important issues in a timely manner. This said Paradise recommends others to find a similarly efficient way or platform that’ll help them stay mindful of all the tasks that need to be done. He also suggests for them to automate time-consuming yet low-priority activities to better focus on more important things like looking at new business prospects.

Optimizing the Work Environment

Snack Nation | Prioritize the optimization of the workplace to access hidden pockets of workers’ productivity

One contributing factor to productivity in the workplace is having a conducive environment. For Sony Professional Solutions marketing manager Carl Standertskjold, this means giving employees the necessary tools and technologies they need to better perform their job. After all, their concern shouldn’t just focus on how their team is going about their responsibilities. Business owners and executives should consider equipping their offices with features like high-end video conferencing and other professional displays.

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