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Emma Watson Spends Her $80 Million on These Expensive Yet Smart Purchases

Emma Watson practically grew up in front of the camera. After finding worldwide fame at just 11 years old, the British actress started earning millions thanks to her role as Hermione Granger in the ‘Harry Potter’ film franchise. Today she’s amassed a personal wealth estimated at around $80 million, $60 million of which she earned from the fantasy series alone. This is how she spends her money.

Sensible Cars

Female First | Some sources speculate that the private actress might have gone for the vehicle’s armored version for security reasons

Unlike her peers, Watson doesn’t seem to have an affinity for collecting flashy luxury cars. The most expensive automobile she ever bought is reportedly a Cadillac Escalade, which costs around $95,000. Although the vehicle is certainly on the expensive side, it doesn’t attract as much attention as Porsche or Ferrari cars.

Her other purchases include an Audi S3 and a Toyota Prius, both of which retail for less than half of the price of her Cadillac ride. Her choice of cars might be the result of her down-to-earth upbringing. In fact, she didn’t even have access to her full wealth until she turned 18.

A Celebrity Stylist

StyleFrizz | Watson is also known to don sustainable fashion labels on the red carpet

What she has in common with other celebrities though is her fashion sense. The 29-year-old actress is considered to be among her generation’s fashion icons. This comes at a cost though as the star employs a stylist to help her. Sources say that her current stylist is Rebecca Corbin-Murray, who’s also worked with celebrities like Lily James.

Overseas Companies

Watson’s name was among the many listed in the leaked Panama Papers back in 2016. The documents revealed that the ‘Bling Ring’ actress owns an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands. Not much information is available about the business except for its name, Falling Leaves.

Charitable Donations

YouTube | The ‘Little Women’ actress has also spoken in front of the United Nations audience about issues women face

Aside from her acting chops, the star is also known as a voice fighting for a variety of causes and she’s not just about talking the talk. She’s made donations to charitable institutions like the Justice and Equality Fund, which she gave $1.4 million in 2018. She also encourages her fans to be generous for causes that matter.

Luxury Real Estate

Watson has also splurged in a couple of expensive real estate properties. For starters, she paid $1.2 million to purchase a French luxury ski chalet when she was 18 and had access to her then-$12 million fortune. She also bought a house in London worth $3.3 million.

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