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Are You Chronically Tired? This Could be the Culprit Behind the Problem, And It’s Not Sleep

Have you ever felt tired when you wake up in the morning or found your energy level at an all-time low even though you’re just halfway through the day? It may seem particularly odd if you just got out of bed or barely accomplished anything and yet, you feel burned out. But don’t fret, it may be because you are sleepy or suffering from fatigue.

There’s a distinction between the two although the lack of energy when you’re suffering from both is enough to blur the line. If it’s sleepiness you’re dealing with, getting decent and quality rest time may solve the problem but if you don’t feel like moving regardless of the amount of sleep you get, there could be a very different underlying issue.

Enough Quality Sleep

Before you go running around panicking, it is best to analyze your situation first. Have you been getting enough hours of sleep every night?

Most people would need to doze off for seven to nine hours, the National Sleep Foundation says, although children need more time to rest to facilitate proper growth and recovery. At this age when sleep has become a luxury, it is crucial to understand that this step is a very important assessment of how your body is affected by your sleeping pattern, or a lack thereof.

Unsplash | Enough quality shuteye is important

But it isn’t enough that you hit the recommended number of hours per night. University of Southern California assistant professor Rajkumar Dasgupta maintains that the quality is an essential factor as well because fragmented sleep can result in tiredness.

Poor Diet

A well-balanced diet will not just be a huge help in your fitness journey but it is also guaranteed to boost your energy. That said, if you have been binge-eating unhealthy, greasy, fatty food, then expect that you will feel tired throughout the day.

LifeRoots Counselling | A balanced diet is enough to energize you

Note that you shouldn’t consume any less than 1,000 calories per day as it can lead to exhaustion even with the simplest of tasks. You also need to consume protein on a daily basis because without this nutrient, even walking would seem like a difficult chore.

While you may feel that refined carbohydrates will give you a shot of energy, this will lead to fatigue later on. Of course, you should always drink lots of water because dehydration will make you feel sluggish and burned out.

Medical Condition

If you’ve tried everything – have been eating healthily, getting sufficient quality sleep, and working out – and you’re still feeling tired, the culprit may be an underlying health problem. Pregnancy is known to cause a hormonal imbalance, which can make one extra sleepy and lethargic.

You may also want to check if your body produces insufficient red blood cells, a condition commonly known as anemia. On the other hand, if you’ve been having issues with dozing off, assess if you are suffering from sleep apnea, which results in low-quality shuteye.

Unsplash | If you are pregnant, changes in hormones can cause fatigue

Mental Health Problem

If it’s not in your body, maybe the problem stems from a mental health issue. If you have been under great stress of late, it could be a factor why you’re experiencing fatigue and sleepiness.

Remember that prolonged exhaustion may also be a sign of depression, which, along with anxiety, can interfere with your sleep cycle. Talk with a specialist to know your medication options.

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