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The Mesmerizing Transformation of Halsey: A Musical Icon Turned Makeup Maven

In the dynamic world of beauty and self-expression, Grammy nominee and former 30 Under 30 awardee, Halsey, has taken a remarkable detour from the blue-haired singer to a makeup mogul with her brand, about-face. Evolving her appearance has become synonymous with Halsey’s identity, and she recently shared her transformative journey at the 2023 Forbes Under 30 Summit, embodying the essence of her Mayfair crewneck that boldly declares, “I’m still growing.”

Constant Evolution Through Makeup

Instagram | Halsey’s chameleon-like transformations have been fueled by her passion for makeup.

Halsey’s chameleon-like transformations have been fueled by her passion for makeup. Taking matters into her own hands, she started doing her makeup out of necessity, searching for products that perfectly fit her evolving style. This personal quest paved the way for about-face, a makeup line that emphasizes “clean” ingredients and a vegan approach.

Empowering Gen Z with Affordable Glam

Launched in January 2021, about-face swiftly captured the hearts of Gen Z consumers. With products like the best-selling “Matte Fluid Eye Paint,” Halsey’s makeup line directly reaches consumers through its website and Ulta stores nationwide. Catering to the affordability needs of her demographic, the product range spans $7 to $18, with a sister line, “af94,” available exclusively at Walmart and priced under $10.

Thriving in a Competitive Arena

While the celebrity beauty landscape is crowded with names like Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner, about-face’s success is undeniable. In 2022, the brand generated a staggering $50 million in revenue, showcasing a 57% increase in annual sales for celebrity beauty brands overall. Halsey’s unique position as a relatable yet experienced entrepreneur resonates with both media and consumers.

Global Expansion and Innovation

Instagram | about-face is set to debut in European brick-and-mortar stores in 2024.

Looking ahead, about-face is set to debut in European brick-and-mortar stores in 2024, reaching London-based Selfridges and luxury beauty shop SpaceNK. The brand will also introduce a new line of complexion products. Simultaneously, af94 will expand its reach from Walmart to 350 Ulta stores, broadening the brand’s footprint and ensuring its independence from Halsey’s fan base.

A Journey Beyond Music

Halsey’s journey began in 2013, discovering her singing talent at 18 during a chance encounter with aspiring musician Anthony Li. From the instant success of “Ghost” on SoundCloud to signing with Astralwerks, Halsey’s commitment to being something more than expected drove her success. As she navigated her music career, the need for makeup that withstood the challenges of her performances birthed about-face.

Hands-On Creative Leadership


Instagram | Halsey remains intimately involved in every aspect of about-face.

As the chief creative officer, Halsey remains intimately involved in every aspect of about-face. From personally doing makeup for campaign shoots to collaborating with a European lab on product development, her commitment is as strong as her dedication to music. The brand’s inclusive marketing, featuring diverse genders and ethnicities, aligns with Halsey’s values, fostering a sense of community.

The Future of about-face

Stepping into the international arena and expanding product lines, about-face is set to make waves globally. Halsey envisions the brand standing independently, with its identity rooted in quality and inclusivity. As about-face continues to evolve, Halsey’s aspiration is for people to love the products, whether or not they know she’s behind the makeup magic.

In essence, Halsey’s journey from music stardom to makeup entrepreneurship is a testament to the power of evolution, creativity, and the pursuit of authenticity. With about-face, she has not only transformed her narrative but has also empowered a generation to embrace their ever-evolving selves with confidence and style.

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