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Entrepreneurs Can Create More Genuine Business Connections with This One Social Interaction Trick

Succeeding as an entrepreneur involves just as much about networking as much as behind the scenes work. Meeting and making connections with the right people can greatly help one find more opportunities that’ll help their business thrive. However, building genuine connections with others is not always easy. Here’s how one can go beyond simply collecting contact information to leave a positive impression with business contacts they meet, according to other entrepreneurs.

Offering Solutions

Unsplash | If you aren’t an expert in their specific field, you can still be of help by referring them to somebody who is

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to resort to talking themselves or their products up when speaking with a potential customer. While this can certainly help get the word out, business owners will be better off if they focus on offering help or solutions to problems a person may have instead. Switching to this mindset can result in a more authentic connection with another person.

Remaining Open

Meanwhile, United Capital Source Inc. CEO Jared Weitz suggests that entrepreneurs enter conversations without expectations. This will allow them to remain open to getting to know the other person. He also warns that other people can subconsciously feel it when one comes with preconceived notions or beliefs, which makes them think that the person they’re speaking with is disingenuous.

Show Real Interest

Unsplash | Don’t hesitate to let your personality shine through in conversations

OneIMS president Solomon Thimothy is a believer that a person needs to be interested if they want to be interesting. In fact, that’s the only approach he practices when he’s trying to connect with people. Another tip he lives by is making peace with the fact that not everybody who meets him will like him and how that’s totally okay.

Being Mentally Present

Despite that reality though, entrepreneurs should always show that they’re listening by maintaining eye contact. The gesture also forces a person to pay attention to what the other person is saying and staying alert during an interaction. Most think that it’s being loud that is the best way to get people’s attention but sometimes listening is enough to do the trick. Alphametic founder Matthew Capala laments though how this simple social skill seems to have been lost during the age of devices.

Focus on Finding Common Interests

Unsplash | Sharing interests serve as an existing foundation that people can build on

It’s easy to make small talk with other people. But it’s through bonding about shared interests that people actually create genuine connections. When meeting new people, try to find a hobby or a topic that both people in the conversation likes. Doing so would certainly lead them to develop a natural connection with each other.

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