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We Need More Women in Data Science Say Experts – Tips to Guarantee Success

If you’re using the internet on a daily basis, there’s nothing you do that doesn’t require data. Your computer. Your smartphone. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Everything on the internet requires or relies on data in one way or the other. The problem? 82% of the time, these algorithms are programmed by a male person (white, more often than not).

Pexels | With only 18% of women working in data science, we’ll leave it to you to guess how biased the information we receive might be

To get more high-quality relevant data, more women need to start working in data science. Hear the reality from two leading female data scientists, as well as tips on how to further your career in an otherwise male-dominated field.

Meet the Experts

If you’re a fan of TED Talks, you’ve most probably heard Allison Sagraves talk about citizen data science. She is currently serving at a top national financial institution as the Chief Data Officer. The second expert whose wisdom we’ll be benefiting from is Olivia Martin, who works at the former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s founded nonpartisan nonprofit, USAFacts. Despite the odds being against her, Martin has risen to the top of her field even early in her career.

USAFacts/ Allison Sagraves | Two leading women in the field of data science

Let’s look at what wisdom they have for little girls and women opting for a role in data science.

Tips For Women in Data Science

1. Confidence is Key

Martin rightfully states that in a field where it is already so uncommon to see your gender work, far be it excel, there’s an inherent hesitation. What you need to do is believe in yourself and maintain confidence in the research you’ve done and your work. Naysayers might try to bring you down, especially in a field that is dominated by men but, don’t let your confidence in your work falter.

2. No Meticulous Planning

Having seen people succeed in your field, you might think following the same path they took can get you to eventual success. However, that’s far from the case. Everyone walks and different path and you should be open to exploring where yours might take you. Who knows, it might lead somewhere 10x better than you’d ever imagined. Stay true to yourself and let the path take you where it may.


3. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

Remember that you’re your best friend. When there’s no one around, you’re the only one there for you. So, make it a habit to acknowledge all that you’ve achieved. As a woman in data science, you’ve already accomplished quite a big task. It is especially common for women to talk themselves down. Don’t make the same mistakes and give yourself some credit where it is due.

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